Get character to rotate when walking left in side scroller. Currently the background rotates instead

Hello Unreal Developers! I am an Unreal newbie, working in 4.12.5 I need help!

I’m trying to make a blueprint (paper character) walk right or left. When it walks left, the blueprint flipbook should rotate 180 so it faces left. When it walks right, it should rotate 0, so it faces right again. Attached are my event graphs and project settings for input and maps/modes. I am having 2 problems:

  1. The paper character blueprint doesn’t rotate to face left, or move left, when the left arrow or “a” key is pressed. Instead, the background rotates and scrolls left. The background is a PaperTileMapActor on a Level map. I get why the background is scrolling left, to give the illusion the character is moving. But how can I make the character flip, and not the background? Do I have to feed the character into or out of the Get Controller or Set ControlRotation blocks? If so, how can I do that? Or is there another method that would work better? The maps and modes set the Default Pawn Class to Char1.

  2. The AxisMovement doesn’t stop. I read that Axis Movements keep going, after you stop giving the input (key press, etc.) Can I add to the event graphs, to stop the Axis Movement when the input stops? If so, how? Or is there a better way to get simple right and left movements based on user inputs. Thanks for taking a look at this!