Get Button Index

Hello guys, does anybody know, how can i get the index of the button, that player clicks on?

More specific to be, I’ve created a system that makes for every row from a data table, a child (a button) in a vertical box.
Now the player presses, one of that buttons, how can I know which child (index) of that vertical box he clicked?

What I’ve done until now:

this is the add button function

You would have to make an Event Dispatcher with an Input that references your Widget. Then call that Event Dispatcher when the button is pressed and give it a self reference. Then you would bind that Event Dispatcher on the blueprint that created all the widgets. Now, when the button is pressed, you get a reference to the Widget.

I dont know how experienced you are, let me know if you need help with Event Dispatchers

Hello, thank you for answering, you are right, i never worked with event dispatchers, can you show me how to work with them with some screenshots, because i’m not pretty sure if i’ve understanded

here is a good tutorial, if you need help on a particular part, just let me know exactly what you need help with

Hey , have yo complete this ? Did you get the index of the buttons using Event Dispatcher ?
If so could help me