get BP child actor component world location and use it inside other BP

Hi all.
I’m doing a card games and i have a problem to comunicate a variable from a BP to another BP.
The facts:
I have 3 BP named A,B,C
BP A spawn a set of BP B in to th BP C
BP C have a set of target points that are locations where i want cards land during distribution.
In to the BP A, in to the spawn transform i need to set where target points are…i’m stuck in this variable transfer… i try with cast and with refernce variables no results :confused:
any suggestion?
thanks in advance.


What is the base class of BP C? If it is a custom Actor class, and it exists in the world, you can get a reference to it by using the ‘GetAllActorsOfClass’ node, which will return an array of the existing Actors of that type in the world.

Thanks man! it’s work!