Get blueprint default property values?

Is there a way to access the default value of a blueprint variable similar to “PlayerPawn.default.Health” in unrealscript?

AFAIK no. One thing i did was i created another variable (Eg: MyFloat_DEFAULT). Then in Construction Script (or BeginPlay) i assign the value of MyFloat variable to MyFloat_DEFAULT. Then after making any changes to MyFloat i can still access the default value from MyFloat_DEFAULT. Hope you get the idea. :slight_smile:

As ryanjon2040 said.
Did not find a way of doing it. What worked for me was creating my own data-only blueprint - Game State, for example and storing all defaults in there.

yeah i just created a variable called DefaultHealth, but i like the GameState idea.

Not currently I’m afraid, but I think this is something we want to add soon.

Has this been added by now? @JamgesG

I just stumbled on this thread searching for the same thing.
As of version 4.24 (and probably earlier), you can get all default values for a blueprint by searching for the “get class defaults” node in the Blueprint editor.

I hope this helps others searching for an answer.