Get Blackboard Value as Enum returns Byte (4.6.1)

Yeah, so I was just following a tutorial on making AI, when I came across this error. (screenshot as proof)

Hi Captncaps,

This is expected, Enumerators return a Byte value that is correlated to the enum value. Enums are basically used as a way of switching states with something that is visually recognizable, so behind the scenes they are really “Enum Byte 1 = “Attacking”, Enum Byte 2 = “Running”, …etc” This also gives you options for things like having a Switch on Byte so that if any Enum returns a certain state “number” it will have a certain action (For instance, several enums may have their first value something like “Idle”, so you can just check if Byte = 1, then it is idle)

Let me know if that helps or if you experience any bugs with this behavior.