Get Base Actor on Pawn

Hey all,

I am currently trying to find out if a base pawn is on the ground or not. I need this info to let the class know if it should be enter the falling state and stop specific code from running. I cannot use the character class as I need a box collision base. So I’ve been looking into the best way to find if its falling for the base pawn.

I found the node “Get Movement Base Actor” for the pawn class which states it should return the actor the pawn is currently standing on but it doesn’t seem to return anything. The pawn is currently setup with a floating pawn movement but it doesn’t seem to support this function. Is that true? I think I can figure out another way to find if it’s falling but something built in like this would be perfect.

If the velocity of the Pawn in the Z Axis is less than 0, then the Pawn is falling.

Unfortunately this doesn’t quite work for me as when I apply my gravity each tick my pawn will jitters slightly as it hits the ground over and over again. Checking the Z velocity was one of my first solutions but so far isn’t quite the best from what I can tell. :frowning:

It also won’t work if I ever want the pawn to be moving down, like on an elevator, causing a false positive for the falling state even though it is currently on something. Right now I am using tracing to find if anything is below the pawn before adding my gravity in. This stops the jitters and I can find out if my pawn is on a flat surface but it seems like there should be a better solution than tracing.

EDIT: In fact it looks like pawns can’t be effected by elevators at all. Again, I am wondering if its because they don’t have the base actors setup and if there is a way to add that functionality from blueprint or not.