Get asset thumbnail in blueprints

Is there a way to get the thumbnail (like the one used in Content Browser, see sshot) of an asset in blueprints?



in UE4.20, they will begin adding blueprint editor scripting, and at that point, accessing asset thumbnail images may become available to blueprints. but currently, you would need to use C++.

So did it change now?

i imagine that the thumbnails dont get packages with the game so you wouldnt be able to use them. there is however a a thing on the marketplace which can export the thumbnails, you could use that then reimport them as textures.

I’m using UE4.21.
What I do is drop the blueprint into a scene. Adjust the view of the scene to how you want the thumbnail to look. Then right click on the blueprint, select Asset Actions, then Capture thumbnail.

That’s not what he want to know :slight_smile: He want to know if he can access asset thumbnail via blueprint for further use somewhere else, presumably in UI.


Does anybody know how to do this?