Get and set variable in file.ini

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Hello. I have a variable that must get and set the value in a text file in Bleuprint,
But I find nothing in the documentation and the answers. :frowning:

Thank you for your reaction.

No more answers? :frowning:

Nothing ? :confused:

Hey, sorry for not seeing your Question till now.

Saving something into a textfile is not possible through Blueprints as far as i know.
You would need to code it in C++, although you could make some BlueprintCallable functions
that return and save the string you want.

Here in this question, there is an answer by Rama. I haven’t read it yet, but it seems to answer
the question. So if you need a start point, go here:

If you only want to save a Variable and it doesn’t have to be an .ini File, you could just use the
SaveGame System. Here is a video on how to use it:

PS: Here is another C++ answer:

Ok I will see it thank you much for your answer.

here is how i set it up for loading data from a text file.

this is what if would look like if you were to access the created node from blueprints.
1.Create a a new c++ class

  1. choose the blueprint function library as the parent class
  2. wait for the code to compile.
  3. apply the code
  4. go into level blueprint to test it out
  5. if the variable you just made does not show up, you have 2 options one save and reopen project and / or uncheck context sensitive.

If you are trying to access it from an ini file, there are other sources but if you create a variable, look in the details pane and check the config variable box. the tool tip should give you an idea as to where and how to access it.

another way would be to create a script using the config declaration

sorry for being so broad, i hope you find or found your answer.
good luck