Get Amount/Intensity of Ambient Light around an Actor/Pawn

Hi All.

Is there a method in blueprints to check the ambient light intensity that is currently affecting the Actor/Pawn?

I know how to set the intensity on the Sun or say a candle light…but to check what the intensity is I have no idea. Could be multiple light sources affecting the Actor/Pawn.
Since the shadow is present…there should be a way to check this.

Thanks in advance.


Finally a topic that has stumped the UE4 genius’ ?

Currently the only thing I can do is use the Sun’s Intensity and then if at Night or in and Interior classified area get a light source within 10m and use that. Not very scientific but does work. Any other ideas?


I think this has been discussed before. Someone was doing a stealth based game and wanted to see about shadow/light ect. I think the general consensus is that it couldn’t be done like that but had to use volumes (sphere / square) and begin-end overlaps.

I see. I think this is fine. What I can do is somewhat of a work-around that I did in NWScript (NWN1) where you could not Get something (easily/efficiently) without a reference to it. You have no idea the object exists until it does so doing endless searches is a waste of resources. So what I did in a very efficient heartbeat I simply send out a ping in a radius of whatever that object is configured for. Whatever object receives this can do whatever it wants with the information.

Basically…'Hey There! My Light Color is … and my Intensity is 0.76"… This would be a simple matter to gather light or any unknown hiding data somewhere.

Thank you for the reply. I shall implement this technique and not look back. :slight_smile:


There’s also an attenuation parameter, so you could calculate the falloff of light by considering intensity, distance from the pawn and attenuation. Maybe.

Hmm…interesting idea. The Light Object sends out a ping with info and sends that value as well. Simple get distance between the object and ratio the intensity. Not a bad idea at all.