Get all text in Project with Python

Is it possible to access the contents of all text boxes in a project using Python. You know, to save them out as a text file?

Something like

textResults = ""

For node in allNodes:

  if node === TextBlock:
    For text in TextBlock:
      textResults += text

Ultimately piping textResults to a console or text file output. Only I’m not familiar with Unreal syntax.

I know you can iterate over each material expression node in a material at least, and by the looks of it you can access the comment node in those also. unreal.MaterialExpressionComment — Unreal Python 4.27 (Experimental) documentation

So I’m sure you should be able to do the same with blueprints, might be hard to get them in a particular order, want to remember the results from getting material expression values seemed a bit random but didn’t spend much time looking into it.