Get all staticmeshes in content browser.

Hi :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get an array showing all of the static meshes i have in the content brower.

I want to make an array containing all the meshes of certain types (will be filtered by name), added to an empty array.
However i can’t seen to find the way to get a list of all my meshes. I can set the type manually in the array, but i want to be able to create and add more meshes into the game without needing to manually set its data (name and type) in the arrays.

The one that seems to come closes is “Get all actors of class”–>static mesh actor, however upon level creation, there isn’t any instances of the actors.

So how can i get a reference to all of my staticmeshes loaded into the editor?

Hope theres a bright person out there to help me :slight_smile: