Get all Emitters from a Particle System in BP?


I’m currently trying to gain access to all sub emitters of a Paritcle System to assign different Materials to them via Blueprint.
Unfortunately this does not work because I can’t find any node that returns all Emitters of a PS :frowning:

Does this even work in BP or is it a one way street?

The reason for the whole procedure is to counter rotate the particle material to the HMD roll of the Oculus Rift in order to prevent particles from strange looking rotations as the player’s head rolls. This works fine with a Particle System that contains one emitter so far but It doesn’t work with more than one Emitter as I only have access to the first one via BP :frowning:

Thanks in advance and best regards,

bump… i am curious as well how to access the sub-emitters in a BP

Yes, just pull off your particle system component and use Set Material. The index will be the emitter within Cascade (starting from the left at 0). So it’s a bit tricky as you must know the order of your emitters. Also if the order or number of emitters change, you have to make sure to update this in your blueprint manually.

You can’t explicitly get all emitters though, that’s something I hope we have with Niagara however.