Get all Data Assets From a Primary Data Asset (Blueprint)

Hi all,
I apologise in advance if my question seems silly but I am stuck.

Context :
Blueprint scripting.
I’m working on a game in which there is a racing part and therefore several vehicles.

In the lobby, I want to be able to select the vehicle among those available.

What I did:
The elements related to the vehicles (specs, the corresponding mesh, etc.) are stored in Data Assets (DA_X, DA_Y, DA_Z) based on the Structure of a Primary Data Asset (PDA_Vehicles).

What is blocking me:
In my Player Controller (PC_PodLobby), I want to reference my Primary Data Asset (PDA_Vehicles) and loop back to automatically retrieve all the corresponding Data Assets (DA_X, DA_Y, DA_Z) without needing to type them in by hand (avoid making an array manually).
So I could go through the table to update the data to be displayed in the HUD.

After several searches, I can’t figure it out… Here are the tracks I followed without success…

I thank you very much for the help you can give me (and the light in the fog)!