Get all actors with tag not working but I set actor tag (not component tag)

I am using a custom blueprint type I made in C++ that inherits off of AActor. I am really confused. It is printing out 0 so it did not find any.


Hi man,
cant see perfectly, but ,
in your get all actor with tag you typed something different from the exact tag name ?

postprocessmain vs postprocessvolume ?

Yes I had a typo but it still not working.


Yea I do not know what is wrong. I am just creating a PostProcessingVolume at runtime and passing that in instead. It’s better for layering anyway as the default scene one is not being modified.

are they in the same level? IIRC any ‘get all actors’ node will only find actors in the same level as the BP making the query. this is to avoid cross-level references

Could it be that I am calling it “Event OnStart” in C++. I am passing in a class type, getting the default object, and then I am calling that event on the default object. It is not spawned. I noticed other nodes not working also such as PlaySound2D. I don’t need these to be actors spawned.

I think it’s possible that the actor hasn’t spawned/referenced/created when the search begins. You could create a loop and check that array length is greater than or equal to one, if not delay .01 and try again.

I use something like that to find a valid player character sometimes.