Get All Actors with Tag doesn't seem to get all actors with tag

Hello !

What I am trying to achieve is basically to have a triggerbox that activates nearby enemies when the player walks in.

The enemies have a common tag (an Actor tag !) named ActivateTrapRight.
However, when the event is triggered, I only seem to be able to get references to Actors from a single class in my array. I have two different classes of enemies with that tag and I expect to get them both in the array. I made a 1 minute video to demonstrate the problem as it is easier to show this way rather than adding myriad of screenshots.

(I basically explain the same thing in the video if you have sound)

You can see that both have the same actor tags and that I only get one of both enemies in my array.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong here ?

Thank you very much for your time ! :slight_smile:

I tried to bypass my issue by using Get All Actors Of Class instead in the meantime. For one of the class the Actor Has Tag node always return false. It works fine for the other class though. Why wouldn’t it work for a class when it works for the other ? I guess there is a property somewhere that should be switched for the class that doesn’t respond well to tags but I can’t find what it is.

To sum up, the Actor tags of one of my classes seem to be ignored. Why could that be ?

(The class for which the tags are not ignored was created yesterday by copy pasting basically the class for which it doesn’t work. So that makes absolutely no sense to me why they would have different behaviours.)