"Get all actors of class" - for widgets?

Hello everyone,

this will probably be a very easy (and dumb) question but I can’t fogure it out myself.

I can communicate between Blueprints using “Get all actors of class” no problem. I can also send from a Blueprint to a widget.

But I cant figure out how to send from a Widget to another different widget.

I have a struct in the “MainMenu” widget and want to pass its values to the “Tooltip” widget. But using “Get all actors of class” doesnt show me any widgets to choose from (I’m guessing cause they are widgets and NOT actors…)

So is there a similiar node for this? Get all actors of a widget?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Exsequien,

There is a node called “get all widgets of class”, I believe that this is what you are looking for. I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day


That was it, thanks!

Thanks you !!! I search a solution for 3 days about this.