Get all actors in range with a certain tag

Hayhoo (ÖoÖ ~)

Simple question, is there a way to get a reference to all actors in a certain range with a certain tag?
Or maybe just get all actors in range? (And then filter the array by tags)


Ok I found the solution ^-^
For anyone who also wants to know here is the BP just set the “GetAllActorsOfClass” to Actor to get all actors :stuck_out_tongue: and then check if they are in range ^^

Depending on how many Actors you have, you might want to investigate Shere traces

The more actors you have, the more efficient this solution will be compared to yours.

Also, if you don’t wanna use Sphere trace, you can use a Sphere or box collision shape, then use a “get overlapping actors(or components)” and store them in an array

This really helped me, cheers!