"Get all actor of class" not giving the correct result!

As u can see in the section 1 of the image, i put a Get All Actors of Class in the Construction Script of the GameMode blueprint. Then told it to print the result number of the variable which i assigned to Integer (section 2). However everytime i play the game it prints “blue stars: 0” so always giving the same answer which is zero no matter how many actors i actually place in the world.
Any idea on what’s going on, or what i’m doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

I didn’t try it. But now i did after i read your reply and it worked. It gave the right number and i even tried it more than once and it’s good. But what i don’t understand is, i’m following a tutorial from Digital Tutors; and the guy put them in Construction Script and i did exactly as he did, but it didn’t work ou for me as it did for him!

And thank you for the reply.

Have you considered using Get All Actors of Class in the Event Begin Play rather than Construction?