Get AIController?

I am Trying to get AIController of a Character that i want to move using mouse. Problem is CharacterController = Cast<AAIController>(GetController()) results in a compiler error due to AIController being a static class.

How would i get AIController then? Since I need to Use MoveToLocation for that AICharacter later in a Function.

AAIController* controller = Cast<AAIController>(GetController())

This isn’t working I am using the same syntax, The Error is about something StaticClass seems Character needs to be placed in the world to have AIController Spawn in by default or something like that.

Usually, with linking problems I would say a module is missing, in this case probably AIModule. However, it shouldn’t be necessary for just getting the controller. But you can try adding it.

Who’s the parent: Character or Pawn? Can you show the class declaration?

That Did It!!! AIModule was missing, Sorry for late Reply I was doing stupid stuff trying to spawn in the Controller.