Get AIController returns nothing in Animation Blueprint


I am trying to get an actor’s Blackboard reference in the animation blueprint to get it’s keys, but when I call Get AiController on the pawn it returns nothing. I know for sure that the creature has an AIController as it will properly execute the Behavior Tree. If anyone has a better (or actually correct) way to get an actor’s Blackboard reference I could use that as well!

in your animation blueprint, use ‘try to get owning pawn’ then, get controller, then cast that into your AIcontroller.

Get Controller also returns nothing for some reason. If I do it in any other system the Get Controller returns the proper reference, problems seems to just been in the Anim BP

Get Controller will also return nothing in the Player’s animation blueprint.

After some digging it looks like animation BPs simply can’t access the actor’s controller. Thanks.

This is crazy. Why can’t we access the controller from animation blueprints?
“Try get pawn owner” return the pawn but anything from this pawn reference is falling. “Get Controller” fails, “Get AIController” fails…