Get AIController returns none in Character


I’m new to UE4 and doing some AI practice.

I want AI Character do something when get damage.
So when Any Damage event occurs, I try to update BlackBoard values by call custom event of AIController.

But When I use Get AIController in character, it returns none.
In AIController Blueprint, Get Controlled Pawn has value (when begin play event)

Why is this happening?

I spawned Character with dragging bluprint into the world.
And Auto Possess AI setting is ‘Placed in World’

please help me

maybe it helps if you print out in the AIController what it has possesed.

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aghh I found it

I overrided PossedBy function in Cpp, but didn’t call super one.
So Controller was not updated.

The keyword ‘possesed’ saved me.
Thanks a lot for your comment

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