Get Actor Rotation Not Working

Hello there!

I’ve been trying to create a “spell” of sorts that when Q is pressed, a black hole spawns in the direction the player is looking at a certain distance. However when I use GetActorRotation for the Player Pawn and hook it up to the SpawnActorFromClass function, it remains in the same direction, no matter which way I look. Any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • location:
    Actor Forward Vector * Distance + Actor location.

  • rotation:
    Actor Forward Vector → Make Rotation from X (or just use actor’s rotation as is)

So something along the lines of:


That worked, thanks!

Though I’m now just tryna find out why multiplying the vector and float works, but not adding them together.

It should not work the way it was. You need both magnitude and direction. Rather than scaling the directional vector, the X component of the actor’s location was being shifted about.

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