Get Actor Location returns wrong result

To describe this problem i should first show you how it… works. Character inside of Map placed on top of the platform. Platform height something around 7 or 8 units.
Character stays on top of this platform like this:

And on editor viewport it has proper location -

Pay attention to Z-axis location. 115.

But if i try to get this transform value inside of the game with this node:
I will get this:

X=-110.000 Y=-140.000 Z=108.121

108.121 - this is z-value of character in Floor. Not in top of the platform mesh.

And yes, the same problem will be if i will get transfroms from world location of Capsule component. And of Mesh component. Let me show.

here result:
Z=108.121 - for capsule. It’s the same wrong result.
And Z=11.121 - for mesh component. I don’t know where and how it is calculated.

It should be 115 at least for capsule or actor itself. But it is not. I don’t know why is that. I … it’s just impossible! Static mesh platform has all collisions setup. It is not movable Static somponent with baked lightning.
So i have question, maybe someone had this problem before - how to get Actual character world location on z axis?
I need, actually NEED that 115 value to be detected. I’m sorry my english is bad, but i hope you got the idea. Please, someone, help me.

When you press play, select the player and check the location of the character, is it 108 or 115?
For what I can see, the player is not really in contact with the platform. Don’t forget, unless the player is already in the floor, the player will fall once you press play.

Is the character simulated? It looks like it’s hovering in air in the map placement, so I would expect it (or, rather, its capsule) to fall down to the actual floor when you start playing.

You might want to try with a less fancy floor, like a straight cube, and make sure the character capsule exactly touches it in the map, to make sure all your assumptions are aligned.

hmmm. This is during character play. it’s 108.


And as you sad character fall down once it is not contacting with mesh. This is not true.
because how do i should explain this?
It’s not falling down. it gets placed on Location that you will set to it no matter what this location will be. This character not posessed. If you Posess it it will fall down, yes. But now posessed custom free camera actor.

Let me explain what i’m trying to do. I trying to scale character height using SetActorTransform to implement character growth?(height… or. anyway). Different characters should have different Z-size.
Here how i tryed to do it first:

but then i realized that … if i will not change location of character it will be always in air. Because during scale character… scales from character root, and this root placed in the center… in the center.
and if we scale it it will fly on top of the platform. And you see this.

so i decided to scale it’s z-location to. Like this.

and it helped but character foots now … fall thru floor? Yes it is.
And i think it’s because of this 108, not 115 on Z.

Maybe there is other ways to properly scale character? I searched all forums to get ansver and not found it. So i can’t just underestand what’s wrong and why my location scale causes this problem…

I tryed and it’s not helping, it’s all the same. If i just place character on ground, not on mesh, foots not fall thru it. But this is not a solution. I want this platform to be in there. Maybe i should try some line trace or something like it do detect floor distance…

Well, why not scaling only the mesh instead of the entire character? The mesh root is at the bottom.
Of course, this depends on what you’re going to do with the character. Are you going to possess it afterwards?

ok. This is solved. I Just added bp node set actor location with Z = 0. And Checked Sweep checkbox. After this UE4 will try to move character to 0 on Z but will stop on first collision detection. This works.