Get actor location node missing

Anyone know where the “get actor location” in blueprint event graph are located? Has it changed name? I can’t find it when I type in the name.


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There is a bug that some functions are not always shown. Try turning of “Context Sensitive” when you search the function.



Hi pkringen,

The ‘Get Actor Location’ node is still part of the editor. Please try what Eckhard suggested above or go to the Window tab > click Palette > then search under the ‘Find a Node’ section. This should find almost every node except for the truly context sensitive ones like ‘Cast To’.

Our devs are aware that there is an issue and are currently working to improve this process.



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I was going crazy because I couldn’t find the same nodes as people posted in their blueprints. Thank you for this. I really wish they would set “Context Sensitive” off by default, would have saved me a lot of trouble.