Get actor location is giving an error

Okay I am trying to get elevation for my character but it does not seem to work. The first picture works fine by having no errors pop up but I do not get the elevation printed on screen. When I have the character hooked in it gives me this error and I do not know what it means. (I wish there was a search for error when it pops up so that then I could see what it means like I am 5.

  1. No need for the Buildstring. Just hook in the float direct to print…
  2. The accessed none error means that the actor you were trying to reference doesn’t exist/invalid. Try making sure that the actor is actually in the game at the time the code is executed. You can also use the “isValid” node to make sure everything goes correctly and print an error if not.

Okay so I got rid of the buildstring. I started with a blank template but then decided to add in the first person. I created a object reference variable of the player character to which I changed the name to john so I could find it easier. I placed down a player start and it spawns the character there. The game mode is set to the first person. Not sure if there is some other setting I need to find and change. Here is a picture of the class I made for the character. I made it by creating a variable and then typing in john to find the player and selected reference.