Get Actor Eyes View Point question


I am currently using the Get Actor Eyes View Point to establish what direction the player is looking. However as you can see in the attached image, this Doesnt mean the Camera.

Does anyone know a way to get the POV of the Camera specifically?



What are you trying to accomplish, there might be a better way. There is know built in player frustrum that I’m aware of since camera pov changes on screen size and shape.

Currently I am spawning an actor directly in front of the players eyes. This works fine in my current setup. But Ive ported this setup to another custom player character, and it no longer spawns in the direction the player is looking - it spawns correctly distance wise in front of the player, but not height wise. If I am looking UP, the item spawns in front, but below my POV, if I am looking down, it spawns in front, but above my POV, if I am looking straight, it works as intended

Because this is a custom camera on this character I need to find ITS pov instead of the character itself. Make sense?

Happen to have a short video of the world and not working might make more sense.

Try to replace your Get Actor Eyes viewpoint with Get control rotation. To get “Get Control Rotation” you need to right click and search for “Get player controller”. Place the node, then drag out from the “Get player controller” blue pin and search for “Get control rotation”. It will basicly take the pitch and yaw into account of your player controller and should work universally across different actors. Hope this makes sense :).

@DarkGodsLair - Interesting - Ill try that and let you know if that did the trick! Thanks.

Actually, a Get Player Camera Manager node, plugged into the Get Actor Eyes View Point did the trick… it makes the Camera the actor in question, vs the FPC.
Thanks again.