Get actor bounds confusion


I am trying to use Get Actor Bounds blueprint function to get bounds of a landscape objects. I have created a landscape which has size of 50 400 units. Since Landscape object is created with origin at the bottom right of the object instead of in the center, it’s automatically created with the location offset to center it, in this case -25200 units on X and Y.

When I get Actor Bounds of this object, it outputs two vectors. Box extent and Origin. I’d expect the origin value to return -25200 in X and Y, and Box Extent to return 50400 in X and Y. Instead, Origin returns 0 in both X and Y, and Box Extent returns 25200, which is only half of the bounding box width and length.

I am very confused about this? Why do the both vector outputs output seemingly wrong values?

Alright, so the part of the issue is my misunderstanding. Apparently, it’s always expected for bounding box to return radius of the bounding box, or the half-lengths. But regarding the second issue, there appears to be some weird exception about landscape. There is mismatch between landscape origin displayed in editor and the actual landscape origin reported by blueprints. Regular actors return correct origin, matching their world location vector coordinates, but Landscape seems to return center of its BBox as origin, rather than the origin displayed in the editor.