get a team together to create a horror game

Hello to all who responded! I need people who are friends with unreal engine 4.The game will be in the style of horror in 3D multiplayer,there will be different modes.The game will be called Scarecrow fright night.We need people to create the game:programmers,game designers, artists,animators,designers,sound engineers,textwrite(2 pers.), I’ll be in the draft and does not know will be different is not bad substance designer 5 and blueprint.I will not manipulate you,to make,if anyone is interested please write to my mail

Nobody likes an “idea guy.” You should probably introduce yourself and skills. Also you really need to describe and detail the game and be more accurate about the jobs required that may not be field. Consider adding this Information, you’ll be taken more seriously and not like an idea guy nobody wants to work with.

A bit harsh perhaps, but… yes - add some information about who “we” are and what work *you *are going to do on the project, and show something demonstrating the current state of the project. That is a much better way to attract collaborators.

Have a look at the recruitment template here: Recruitment Template - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums for reference.