Get a substring in c++

For substring manipulation, you have the functions Left, Left Chop, Right, Right Chop, Mid, and Find, all of which can be found here.

If you know the index that you want to start at, you can just Right Chop. It’ll return everything to the right of the given index. If you don’t know the index, you can Find, then chop. Or, Find, then Mid.

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is there any way in c++ to get a substring of a FString? If i have for example a String like this:

	"timestamp": 0,
	"actors": [
			"name": "IslandArea_O8sL",

how can i get the number after the ‘timestamp":’ ? I saw that there is a way to do this in blueprints but i would really not use a blueprint function just to get this substring.

.Mid(Start, Count) does the trick