Get (a ref) not working on array of components. Quality of life reaches historic low :(

Can confirm I get this with an array of timeline components as well

You always get a Pointer from UObject types (even before 4.16). Why do you need a Ref to Pointer in Blueprints? There ain´t much you can do with them in BPs. You wont get a Copy of a new Component/Actort to be Clear just in case there is a general missunderstanding here.

Epic Staff probably coded the Get nodes in a very Generic way and the “Copy” part should not be there as part of the Description for UObject based Types.

Correct me someone if Im wrong but I havent encountered any different behaviour from what we had before.


It just doesn’t work anymore. Before 4.16 Get always returns a ref. Now if I click ‘Change to return a reference’ it fails. If I uncheck context sensitive and choose Get (a ref) it converts to Get (a copy) automatically.

It works on basic types (Integer arrays etc.) but not on actors or components.

Please save me!


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I just noticed the same and made a bug report… it’s not this alone either. Arrays of BP classes inheriting from Object have the same behavior, possibly others as well.

Glad to know it’s a bug. Thought I missed something.

Well, I’m not 100% sure either, but it should be. I’m pretty sure in 4.15 they returned references and I don’t see any reason at all why you should only be able to get copies.

Hey you’re right. Been working with blueprint for so long that I’ve forgotten it has to be a pointer. I was confused why would I want a duplicated copy of the entire instance :smiley: