"Get a Load of this!" How to make a loading screen w/ Alan Noon - July 19th - Live from Epic HQ

Alan Noon is back in action and ready to demonstrate one of the most common features in every game; Loading Screens. Through using UMG, Alan will explain how to set up a screen to hold the player’s attention while loading, then go away and trigger the level when it’s ready. So sit back, take a load off and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, July 19th @ 2:00PM Countdown]


Alan Noon - Sr. Dev Rel Tech Artist - @AlanNoon](https://twitter.com/AlanNoon?lang=en)

Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer everyone’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!

Assets: Download on this page


Is there a way yet to tell when a level, assets, etc. have finished loading?
And thus ending the splash screen etc. when everything has finished loading instead of guessing.

I’ve seen posts & people asking before about this even though I haven’t actually had the need for it yet, who knows what our future needs may be.

& sounds like this will be a great stream, thx. :wink:

Sneak Preview:

…and another:

Good work Alan :smiley:
How to manage to unload from memory the previous level and all it’s spanwed entities like ennemies or particles effects, when the player character walks into the new level ?

I’m more interested in how Paragon getting the percentage from the loading resource.

Will something like that be included?

Is this loading screen able to be applied to ‘hard transitions’ i.e. loading into a new level or is it only based on logic within a level and you’re simply loading/unloading sublevels?

Would be very interested in best practices for ‘hard transition’ loading screens.

Reminds me of one youtube tutorial where some guy made a Loading Screen. I hope you won’t copy him, he opened the new level in some blueprint, added a widget and made a 2 sec delay node, he was super serious with his tutorial, made me smile :smiley:

Hype for the stream! <3

nice , i have been waiting for this thing , all i can found in the youtube tutorial is fake loading , i skip the loading learning thing and make the game without a loading screen and wait for new tutorial … :smiley:


is this {loading screen} usefull in archviz ?

I will look forward to, if it possible also tell us how to make a loading screen from scripted 3D scene or video clip on the engine.

I thought you couldn’t do asynchronous loading of levels in Unreal?

wow waiting :slight_smile:

but is it possible to build along again and not explain pre-build setup? Last time didn’t understood anything in VR talk, it appeared a bit. Beginners are also watching these Training session :slight_smile:

look really cool and fun. Also please push to Github so we can refer later or import the projects. Thanks

Hey all, thanks for the interest! To set some expectations:

So there are two primary types of loading: Seamless and NonSeamless.

NonSeamless is the trickier one, as many of you know. I will briefly talk about some of the difficulties there, but full blown solutions are beyond the scope of the stream. I will however, speak to the work being done to address those issues.

Primarily I’ll be talking about Seamless travel, the easy kind :slight_smile:

I’ll be streaming levels in and out behind a loading screen, and then we’ll modify it to stream in levels behind a realtime Level Sequence.

There are some other goodies in the project we can talk about outside of the Loading Screen topic, should we have some extra time.

Funny Thing while launching the ‘Launcher’ - I saw the loading link for this stream & I was WHAT ??? is my connection gone bad, the launcher doesn’t usually stick on 'LOADING… '! :slight_smile:

Do you mean, for example the level loading in a game like metroid prime? Where the doors are the loading screen essentially?

View of door interaction timestamp : 0:00 - 0:16
view of the level spawning timestamp: 0:55 - 1:20

Can’t wait :))

Will this be blueprints based?

I will follow for sure, usually i use a Blueprint exposed version of Shooter Game loading screen, i’m very curious to see some alternative methods :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get the loading progress? And more importantly - once a level is loaded, usually there is more stuff to set up (thinking mostly about streaming in material grass). Is there a way to detect when this “additional” work is done?