Get a components transform when there's multiple of the same BP

All enemies are spawned in at runtime. I need all of the enemies to shoot from their location. What’s happening now is only enemy A is shooting, when enemy B is ready to shoot they shoot from enemy A’s location/rotation instead of their own. :confused:

Enemy BP where projectiles are spawned:

Arrow1 is where the projectiles are spawned from but I think its only getting enemy A’s Arrow1 component.

So the question is how do I get the BP’s OWN Arrow1?

This is weird, can you try print out the name of BP object doing the shooting when the event triggers?
If it’s a pawn, just use “self->BuildString(Object)”.
Make sure it is different BP object instance that triggers the shooting.

Ok I’ll give it a go

The print string comes up as the same object. However in my ‘attack player’ BP in my behavior tree it comes up as different objects.
So if I can get a components transform from its behavior tree then I can spawn the projectiles where they should be. I think.


Got it working now. Just used the return value from ‘get controlled pawn’ to make a transform so now they shoot independently