Get 3D Widget Component to face camera?

Can I configure the new “3D Widget Component” to always face the camera?

You sure can! I actually worked on this a few days ago, and here’s the solution I came up with (PlanetInfo being the WidgetComponent):

You can basically treat it as any other actor and use the “Find Look At Rotation” function. However, I found that you need to break the rotator down into separate axes to get it to do what you want – in my experience, if you don’t, it tends to give you the backface of the component so it doesn’t render.

I will try something like that. Thanks!

If you want the it to actually face the camera you have to add just a bit more

How to get 3D Widget Component to face camera, and keep the postion & rotation, the end result is: the widget always show on the same place on screen?

Probably :D. Better find yourself out from this point (just like me). I agree with you in this though. The answer isn’t there fully