Geotagging From Video

I’m using a DJI Mini 2 to generate MP4 videos that have GPS coordinates (and other data) in the subtitling. However, if I use the “Video Sequence” option to pull frames out, it doesn’t seem to encode the GPS data in the EXIF data. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Hi Patrick_GRC, this is not possible now. I can create a feature request for this.

Hi, what would also be good is when you inport a flight log that this does not have to be used as an exact position but as a track so to speak.

That RC looks where on this track, the pictures could have been shot. Because in the logs of 2 of my drones, it does not say when which picture was taken. 
This function would then be extracted from the MP4 images also very helpful, because you could georeference the individual images and thus meet the scale of the scan better.

TSchmidt_Viracon, to be clear about this, you still mean the video.

I mean video(RC extracts images from the video, so after that it’s also about “normal images”) and normal pictures.
The difference is, he means GPS information “in” MP4.
And I mean general information from a flight log. But You could use those GPS Information in the MP4 like a Flighpath / Flightlog.

Let’s assume the following. 
I have pictures without GPS information (removed because of errors or simply not available, e.g. because of MP4) and a flight log which contains no information when the pictures were taken during the flight (Or the GPS Information in the Mp4 Video). *

Then it would probably be interesting to align the images. 
And then, for example, align the result with the flight log. 
So you would know the GPS coordinates for the images.
And in this process, I don’t think it would matter if this is done for the video or for other images. 

Maybe you can go one step further and even align images with GPS coordinates to the flight path after the alignment. So to speak, use the flight path as a control path in the air. Or control point for the images and not for the point cloud.

This would make the function versatile and not “only” for videos.
I hope it is now clearer what I mean

*You could also ignore the information when the images were taken in the flight log and take this flight log as another control, so to speak.

Thank you for the ideas. I will add these to the feature request.

Any chance this has been included in the latest release ??

Hi Mark, this wasn’t included in the latest release and there is no estimation time of this to implement.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to use the GPS data that DJI drones can store in the caption track.

Hi Donald, thank you for your vote. I added it to our database.