Geospatial data integration into Unreal Engine 4.9


we are currently testing the integration of geospatial data into Unreal Engine 4.9 and I wanted to share the latest test we did.

We’ve integrated a digital elevation model (heightmap), aerial imagery and a complex 3D city model generated using some 3D photogrammetry techniques.

The VR capabilities of UE is also very promising and we are currently testing the level with the Oculus Rift.

That’s really very interesting and quite impressive given the complexity of the scene/data. I’m definitely intrigued by the ingestion of the 2+ gigs of geospatial data. Did your implementation create a UE4 landscape or did you generate your own terrain mesh instead?

Hi, we generated our own 3D models using aerial photogrammetry techniques and produce large amount of FBX tiles with LoD. With UE4 we can bulk load all the tiles at once but we are limited to manual edit material characteristics (specular, etc) for each individual tiles. The alternative would be to modify the source code which is outside our capabilities.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah it makes sense to generate your own terrain mesh and apply your own materials given your needs.

Hello, aero3dpro. I watched your video posted on YouTube about this. It’s definitely amazing even though 3 years has past… Anyway, I am just curious how you guys reduced your model to a total 2.2 GB. You mentioned on your website its 1420000 square meters of area right?