Georeferenced models in AR

Quick question - is it possible to use georeferenced models of buildings in true size (like those exported from CityEngine) in AR application? The requirement is to have building displayed in real world location and user would walk around/view it from any angle using phone or tablet.

Thank you.

I think so, but that is more of @shaegler question. I think once CE exports to UE4, everything is properly transformed. I could be wrong.

that’s totally possible. but you cannot directly use GIS coordinate systems inside Unreal. the trick is to have a geo-ref’ed calibration point (maybe QR marker at a wall somewhere) which the AR device detects and which anchors the AR scene in the real world. you then use a suitable projected coordinate system in CityEngine and map the center of the scene (or some other virtual point) to the anchor/calibration point.


Thanks Simon.