Geometry vs Static Mesh

Hi guys

First , I can’t speak English so I’m using Google Translate

I was studying the difference between “Geometry” and “Static Mesh”

Many people said that the key difference is "performance

So I wanted to experience it myself, if it really makes a difference

In my experiment, I created 1000 actors each and compared them.

[The actors are all overlapped.]

Experiment with Geometry

GPU usage rate - 52% (3).gif

Experiment with Static Mesh

GPU usage rate - 99% (5).gif

The result was that the Geometry went more smoothly…

Is my experiment wrong? Maybe it’s wrong to overlap?

Why did this result come out?

I want to know the difference in performance between Geometry and Static Mesh …:frowning:

Thank you for reading this far:(:frowning:

Check your draw calls

If by “geometry” you mean BSP brushes. The difference is in quality, more than performance.

The engine just can’t be used to make finely detailed models. More appropriately, even if it could, no one should be using it for that purpose.

About the test.
Its kind of meaningless. Occlusion can come in and cull instances when they overlap each other. You should distribute the geometry evenly with a script to test the difference.

And you should also test the difference between just having meshes in the level, vs using an HISM component to handle the instances.