Geometry Script problems with boolean and not only

Hello everyone. I ran into two problems in Geometry Scripts. I’m trying to make a wall with a window where the wall is a plain from which a cube is subtracted. At this point, another plain is created and extruded into the depths. (I failed to squeeze a hole out of the plain only with the help of boolean. Tell me if it’s possible pls.)

The first question that I had. How can I sew the vertexes between the first plain and the second plain? I tried “Compact Mesh” and “Weld Mesh Edges” but I still see editor outline glitches on the edges. As if they don’t stitch together.

There is a small dot on the screenshot. But when the camera moves, these points go to all the places of the junction. As if the geometry is not stitched.

The second problem that I think follows from the first. If you perform a boolean operation in this recess, then it stops working.

As soon as I pull it out of this zone, everything starts working.

If someone knows the solution to the problem please tell me :slight_smile:

Everything is done in one blueprint in sequential order.

Well, I found the right node for stitching “Apply Mesh Self Union”. The first part of the question disappears :slight_smile:

But the problem with boolean still persisted :c

I couldn’t fix it on the main mesh. Created an additional allocate compute mesh and performed all Boolean operations on it. Then combined with the main mesh. Probably it’s even more correct

What does this code look like?