Geometry Script Mega-thread

Share your Geometry Script creations & methods here.
Think of this thread as a library for how-to with Geometry Script Dynamic Mesh Actors in Unreal Engine 5.

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This node fixes stretched UVs on extruded rectangles and rounded rectangles.

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It’s a little empty here : c I’ll add a little from myself.

As I noticed, boolean on simple forms does not give a very good topology. For example, here I subtract a cube from a plain. Unnecessary points are added :s

It turned out to remove unnecessary ones using the “Apply Simplify To Polygroup Topology” node.



It works for me :slight_smile:

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To stitch the nearby vertexes of an object, you need to use the “Apply Mesh Self Union” node


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Got what seems to be a bug, but thought I’d double check before posting. Looks like any “selection” is overriding previous “selections” made to the same dynamic mesh. Anyone else notice this (on latest)?

For example: it works while in a for-loop (saving selection each time as different variables and debug printing each selection verts) but then when accessed after for loop complete both lists of verts match the 2nd selection. (No, I’m not overwriting it anywhere with the 2nd group, that 1st selection is only accessed once).

First post ever (for anything). I am using geometry scripting to perform boolean operations (subtractions) on a mesh. The tool mesh is very complex so the operations take a long time (several seconds). This is fine but it stops everything else in the level. Is it possible to have the operations run asynchronously, possibly on another core/thread? I tried the ‘Async Mesh Boolean’ available in the ‘Mesh Ops’ plugin and it worked but not reliably and I need to avoid paid for plugins if possible. The existence of the function does indicate it may be possible though? Thanks. S.