geometry problem driving me crazy

I have a model that I’m trying to import from max to ue4. I’ve done it in the past, pre 4.5…and now I have a ton of problems with the same model.

It’s all part of the same model, but one building on one side is importing incorrectly. There are missing parts, some geometry is at the wrong location… I’ve tried all fbx settings imaginable.
I do get the incorrect tangents error, something I never had with the same model on an older version of the ue4. Is it something in 3ds max? Could it be a problem with mirrored geometry? since each building facing each other is identical.


Ok it’s pretty obvious it’s a problem with mirrored geometry. I can tell by the building orientation…Do you guys know How to resolve this? thank you.

Did you reset xform and checked for flipped faces?

Also, if they’re flipped then you don’t need to bring in a separate flipped one, you can take the other one and mirror it in the editor.

And if those are single meshes, you need to break them up, not only for lighting reasons, but so that it doesn’t have to keep the entire building loaded all the time.

Did you try to export with 6.1 ASCI fbx export setting yet? (In the case 3DMAX has that option), this option worked for me sometimes with Blender)

I’ve just found out that UE4 was able to import .obj…I just did that and it worked fine on the 1st try. I’ll investigate what you guys suggested later. Thanks! I imported 1400 .obj meshes at once (separate meshes)…Got a couple ‘‘your computer is running low on memory’’ but my pc managed to do it in one shot hehe!