Geometry has disappeared all of a sudden.

Hi, have came a cross something odd which is pretty crippling at the moment. All of my geometry (boxes, cones, cylinders etc) are invisible, every other object, blueprint is still visible. I don’t know why but they just wont reappear.

I came across a similar post to which the same symptoms have been described here

It started after i did a build with pro lighting level selected, left on overnight, came through in the morning it had crashed, thought nothing of it and went to work. Came home started the project and the geometry was gone.

After flying around the level a few times with the camera and randomly clicking things the geometry appeared again as if nothing had ever happened. Went to build the level again and same thing, all geometry gone.

Any suggestions? I have tried highlighting visibilty and toggling on and off, but nothing.


Looking at some other posts relating to disappearing geometry i tried selecting one of them in the World outliner panel then pressing shift 5 to allow flipping of surfaces.

Flipped once, nothing happened.

Flipped twice all geometry is now visible and working again.

This must be a bug eh?