Geometry Cache shows errors since V 4.20 during playback

Hi Guys,

I updated my project today to 4.20 and re-imported all my geometry cache. Generally the new playback and compression works great, but the console sometimes shows an error during playback:

The X is a number between 1-1000, my Cache has 1200 frames so I think it belongs to the Frame number.

During the time this message is logged, my editor slows down heavily, from around 70 FPS to 20 FPS.

Does anybody experience the same error or knows a solution for it?

PS: Im playing multiple caches at once, maybe thats the cause of the problem?

Hey @Dementium4ever - did you get to the bottom of this? I’ve got the same problem.

Not yet, as I’ll stay with 4.19 for the duration of my project. But I didn’t try 4.21 so far, maybe they fixed it in that version?

He @ Dementium4ever - I’m facing the same issue while packaging a project and yes its slows down heavily.