Geometry Cache Playback Speed in FPS

Hey guys,

I’m currently messing around with the Geometry Cache cache feature, and I’ve got a question google couldn’t answer me so far.

I’m trying to find out the exact FPS at which the Geometry Cache plays back the Animation. As the playback speed is only a relative value, I couldn’t figure out the absolute playback FPS so far.

The problem I’m trying to solve is to sync a video texture to the animated mesh, so I need to know the exact FPS at which my video texture has to run, to perfectly sinc with the mesh animation.

Does any of you guys have a clue? I’d be very grateful for any answer :slight_smile:

Best Regards:


Usually Should sync if you have same fps exported for both from your host application. I usually Bake out at 30 fps for all such caches files.

Thanks a lot William, that solved my problem! :slight_smile: