Geometry Cache and Alembic usage


I’ve tested this file in 4.21 (ABC importer) and also the master branch from Github. The engine is taking about 50ms to update the geocache streams (windows PC). I’m currently digging into the inner loops of this method


I would be grateful to know if others are getting similar performance. I’m hoping to run it smoothly on Oculus Go, but should easily run on a PC.

Hi @nvisionstudio concerning Alembic it’s rather hard to get even a drop of information.
I asked several times in the forums if it was possible to import an .abc file in runtime without success.
when I made a mod for Robo Recall I saw a c++ Class Commandlet to import from a folder some .abc files …but I think that it was removed.

@J_Tox Thanks for the response. I’m not sure about run-time importing of Alembic. My only observation would be to check what kind of assets are usually imported at run time, and see if a geometry cache animation can fit in that scheme. I doubt that you can deploy a shipping game and still link to all the pipeline needed to import from alembic. It may be too closely tied to editor classes.

My main concern for this topic is in the performance of the geometry cache streaming system. I’m interested to know, since I understand it’s experimental, if there will be further changes in that scope.

@nvisionstudio , thanks for your explanation.
I’m using also the geometry cache with the skeletal mesh when importing .abc file in my VR experience

For keeping the frames at 90 fps with the Rift I try to keep the size of the imported .abc as close to the original size with the percentage of total base parameter.