Geometry 2.0 what happened?

Anyone knows what happened? Trello

Short answer: ded.

So sad…

Curious as well to what happened to Geo 2.0

This is a quite disaster, current BSP even cannot convert to static mesh without loosing UV mapping. Please return Geometry 2.0

At least please improve BSP temporary(until better solution) so creating static meshes from BSP is 100% correct uv-s even if faces are with different uv map size.

Correcting uv-s with external 3d software is pain, for me at least Geometry 2.0 would be holy grail of world creation.

We were supposed to get some kind of probuilder beta by Christmas but since the probuilder developers cant seem to learn to communicate with the community on their progress, I think it will be awhile yet :frowning:

Hey everyone,

I know that it’s very concerning to see that card has been removed, but I want to reassure you that it’s just some card cleanup. There are still plans for a Geometry 2.0 tool and nothing around that has been dropped. You can expect to see some more cards moving around, being added and dropping out over time as we adjust priorities to meet realistic expectations. These cards are more of a guide and not a direct representation of exactly when features will be complete.

Thanks Alexander, this is really relief to hear. Epic is full of surprises.

Someone has very good mockup here but you know best how to do it.