Geo Tools - the Modeling Tools Editor Mode Plugin

I just found this in the Medieval Game Environment videos released some days ago. In the second video - Part 2. House Creation: Medieval Game Environment in UE4 - YouTube this tool is being used to bend some meshes.
Actually, I never heard about this tool before, and also did not find anything on it, and I assume, many of you might also not have been aware of this.

I did give it a quick test. Strange, after enabling and restarting the editor, thousands of shader compile again - not clear to me, what influence this should have on the shaders, but anyway, it’s now available for use.

I found, that this tool does modifiy the original mesh within your content browser after applying any change. So better do not test with default cube or similar from Engine content and have a copy of the original to test with.

The tools also might create some very high poly mesh: e.g. using Deform / Displace / Sine Wave makes a 22K mesh from a 88 vertices one. But, it works like a charm.

Doing a bend like in the video example keeps everything at same vertex count and is really useful.

And the tools has so many options available - it’s quite overwhelming. Not sure, how long this has been in Engine now, it’s still marked Beta.

Wouldn’t it be worth to have some livestream on this? Looks like there are so many hidden gems in the Engine, most people aren’t even aware of.

Edit: The video series is really awesome - in set dressing, the Procedural Foliage is mentioned, something really interesing as well. Really worth watching these.

  1. go to plugin
  2. type “modeling tools editor mode”
  3. check the box on
  4. restart engine
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An interesting read around modeling tools for UE5 here: