Gentlemen, The Art Space. Import Any Artist and all his masterpieces into pxiel stream live TV frame. Data visualization. Constructing the fourth Dimension in Unreal Engine

procedural fill level with collection of Artworks or any Digital picture with description. Data Table set up. Current textures are extracted from personal artworks, fluid art, unique pattern, limitless potential. Tick, respect.
Talk to me if u want to know more about its potential or. It will grow into toolkit for artists to meditate and extract visions…
Textures are my artworks, use them wisely, i got plans for them. For simplicity all is de saturated. Overclocking materials would be next update, but im done with limp noodling, will prepare around 7+ profitable projects for you to commercialize. All of the m are crucial fragments to generating the 4th Dimension.




For more intimate trips,

resource to collect vast range of target user groups, crucial to generation of the Arc X Vision
. my dream is to meat users who are constructing the Fourt Dimension - Cyber Space, Field of Information, within Unreal Engine.

UEV group and access project:

Textures - Non commercial use,
Projects Art Space is versality as a swiss knife, 987 upgrades already on the incoming shitlist. Hope that You are the One.