Gentle reminder to devs: we are now 3 major versions behind (201.6 -> 202 -> 203 -> 204!)

Appreciate you are churning out a bucket load of awesome content… so just gently reminding you about your modding community :slight_smile:

Now 4 major versions behind as of 31st Aug!

Agreed. I love that updates are coming out quickly, but we need the dev kit quickly too.
Either way though, us getting anything at all makes me happy. <3

I feel for you guys doing full-blown stuff. Hopefully we’ll get a more robust platform in future that would allow most mods especially TCs to function even after updates.

Even just a content diff in a zip file like what Drake has done before would be fantastic. With a TC, NONE of the new items show up, and my subs keep hounding me about why doesn’t <X> show up, why doesn’t the ptero barrel roll etc.

Yes… i almost think they dont want to push broken devkit content like in the past so lets hope when it is pushed there is no issues!

I know people with TC’s are feeling the pain. Can’t really sustain a healthy server when the mod kit is 3 versions behind content-wise. I do appreciate everything the devs are doing, but this will become unmanageable for larger mod authors

You can still cheat those items. Also you can chat blueprints of those items.

While that is a quick solve and may help some, its a little unrealistic for larger servers and basically the concept of giving away free stuff (blueprints) included may not be ideal the some.

Remember that the game hasn’t fully been released yet guys, we are still in early access. It seems like their priority is just getting the game ready for launch, as it should be. I’m willing the bet the patching process of PSN is not something enjoyable for a developer, so they are probably just trying to pump out as much as they can before they get that extra restriction. While more dev kit updates would be fantastic, I agree with their focus on the base game for now.

I don’t disagree with that at all. I guess it’s kind of confusing to me to have heavy promotion around modding with a huge bounty when your focus isn’t on the development kit. A conflicting message. I can appreciate them focusing their priorities on main build. Either way, I’m pretty sure we’re all going to pick up the dev kit again no matter when they release it :wink:

Now 4 versions behind!

Really love the dev on the game update but … really feel like the dev dont really care much on the Modding Community right now -.-
4 versions behinds is like → screw you guy, modding suck so stay with vanilla

I think that you guys are being a bit harsh, but i have to agree that their support for modding has been pretty underwhelming

I don’t feel like I’m being screwed(!)… the improvements to modding have been awesome (editor, TCs)… this is just a gentle reminder for them to load up a new devkit :slight_smile:

Also, the modding community has proven a bit of value with the sloped roofs that the devs have incorporated into the main game.

Plenty of other mods that could help them evolve the game:

  • baby dinos (just need some additional exposed features such as changing dino character/status component references… and we can do the rest for them)
  • new events/gameplay enhancements (just need dino and character actor stats [health, stam, food, experience] to be read/write-able)

… a lot of other stuff that we can do to help the devs evolve the game… just give us the means to make mods that inspire or help!

Nah, dont really blame the dev
It’s just my personal feeling XD when i see the dev kit is 4 versions behind

Good… that you’ve found a way to hack in newer content.

Bad… being forced to stoop so low just to keep mods compatible.

Would be nice to get a message from the devs… something like

“hey guys we couldn’t diff the last releases because the editor itself has to be updated to prevent you guys stealing our code! Never fear, we’re anticipating giving you a full update by this Friday!”

Hey JasonFJ,

I contacted the devs in that matter, hope to bring you news soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Ditsov!

Drake told me the update should be coming tonight. we will post the gdrive link & github dll on the sticky as always :slight_smile: