GenericInput controller, not 0'd in ue4. (n64 usb controller)

Hello all,

I am hellbent on a childhood fantasy, of building a game that uses an N64 controller. So I’ve just got a generic controller in the likeness of the n64 controller, that plugs in via USB.


While it’s fun replaying the classics, I’d love to hook it up to my UE4 project. So I’ve enabled the Raw Input plugin on a 4.25 project, and followed a basic tutorial on setting it up. Buttons work absolute fine, but my problem comes in with the analogue sticks.

I’ve linked it up to my Axis Mappings…but somethings not quite right.

Without input, my character goes ahead, nearly full speed.

Pressing back on the analogue stick makes the character stop dead in it’s tracks, pushing forward makes it go a bit faster. The inverted checkbox has no effect, but the order of the values under INPUT does.

Either way, i’m stuck with a character that’s not under my control. I’ve tried it in another project with the same results.
And yes, everything works fine under windows.

Thanks guys!