Generic water surface material and blueprint solution

After implementing in the context of my landscape packages some basic as well as more advanced water surfaces, which have been specially tailored around the use together with my other elements in the landscape packages I’ve decided to build a generic water surface solution. The solution is not intended to be in competition to the community project. It takes a different approach to the task by being completely implemented in blueprints and material systems only. I intend to build this new system and port parts of it into the existing landscape packages if the elements in it are suitable for those scenarios.

The main idea is to make translucent, reflecting and refracting as well as tessellated water surface solutions for indoor and outdoor use. I intend to make the interaction with objects and players based on particle systems and potentially also implement a shoreline wave system based on splines.

I’m not aiming at the physically correct real world simulation solution. What I’m building is a visually appealing artistic solution for water services. The results will be looking believable but the aim is not to achieve absolute photorealism and rather get a good game interpretation of what water looks like and leave sufficient computation power for actually rendering more than the water in the map.

I will write in this forum post about the progress that are making with this system.

This is a video of my first test with a more sophisticated water inside my island pack It still work in progress and at an early stage.